1) Chasing Gold Limited (company number 5660280) ("the Club") provides the Member for the period of their Club membership certain benefits associated with the Club’s ownership of the horses in training. The benefits are as follows :

1.1 an opportunity to follow the horses owned by the Club;

1.2 to share the Club’s gold, black and red colours;

1.3 access to the Club’s website (www.chasinggold.co.uk) giving details of entries and declarations for the Club’s horses;

1.4 members will be provided with regular updates on the Club’s horses, and advised either by post, telephone, e-mail, mobile text message or via updates on the website when the Club has a runner;

1.5 to receive a share in any of the prize money won by the Club’s horses in accordance with the terms and conditions stated. There can be no specific guarantees on levels of prize money.

1.6 where a horse is owned and sold by the Club, Members will share equally a 75% share pro rata of any profit made over and above the initial purchase price, and

1.7 the distribution of prize money or sale profits will be paid annually on the anniversary of the membership.

2 Membership will run for a full period of 12 months from the date the Member joins and the fee in the first year is £4,500. No refunds will be given for any of the 12 month period should the Membership be cancelled for any reason.

3 Upon completion of the first 12 months membership period, Members will be invited to renew.

4 If the Member chooses not to renew at the end of the 12 months period, the membership shall expire. There is no commitment to remain a Member after the 12 months period has expired.

5 Membership is primarily an entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity.

6 The sum distributed to Members per specific race is determined by the relative net total paid to the Club by the BHA. The only additional deductions from race prize money are costs relating to a race outside of the UK or any race where an entry supplement is paid. In all circumstances the 12 months membership fee is not subject to any additional requests for payment in relation to the keeping, training and racing of the racehorses, no matter what costs the Club may incur.

7 Due to the unpredictable nature of the industry, no guarantees can be made in any respect. For example, whilst the Club’s intention is to maintain 6 horses in training, there are no specific guarantees.

8 All decisions relating to the horses, training, administration and general management shall be vested in the directors.

9 A minimum of six owners badges will be available for each race in which the Club has a runner. Owners badges give access to Owners and Trainers bars, the parade ring to meet the jockey and trainer and the winners enclosure, should our horse win or be placed. An owners badge cannot be guaranteed, and badges will be allocated by a draw process if necessary. The Club may also offer to purchase discounted badges on your behalf. The price of these varies depending on the racecourse being visited. If you require badges not allocated via the draw for the 6 badges provided these will be charged to you at cost. These badges may also be at a discounted rate. Any badges purchased on an owner’s behalf must be paid for on the day.

10 Where relevant, changes to the terms and conditions herein shall be submitted to the British Horseracing Board for Code of Best Practice compliance guidance.

11 Members will be able to visit the Club’s training yards by arrangement.

12 Membership is for personal use only and cannot be utilised for any commercial purpose.

13 Copyright of all published material is the property of the Club. Material submitted by members (letters to the editor, photographs, etc) must be their own work and the full copyright shall pass to the Club. Photographs are not normally returned.

14 Members must be aged 18 or over.

15 It is understood by the Member :

15.1 full legal and equitable title to the horses referred to in paragraph (i) above and all such other horses acquired by the Club from time to time remains at all times with the Club.

15.2 at no time does the Member have a legal or equitable interest in any one or more of the horses referred to above (or any share thereof);

15.3 at no time should the Member divulge to any other person how to access the Members Only section of the Club’s website; and

15.4 all rights conferred to the Member by the Club are personal to the member alone and may not under any circumstances whatsoever be gifted, sold, assigned, leased, form part of a loan, offered or granted as security to any third parties.

16 Members are permitted under British Horse Racing Board Rules to back the Club's horses but are not allowed to lay them.  

17 These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and each member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.